Denys Edwards Players’ Blackadder Goes Forth – 19 April 2024, Dronfield Civic Centre Review by Sue Curr. The latest offering by Denys Edwards Players for the theatre going public of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire of ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ – did not disappoint on any level. Under the knowledgeable guidance of Director Andy Hibbert, this particular […]

Alice Connolly Presents Drawing From Life – 30 March 2024, Theatre Deli Sheffield Review by Artisan Friendly. Devised by real life life model Alice Connolly, Drawing from Life is an extraordinary performance experience. It combines real time life drawing and audience participation with prerecorded internal dialogues whisking the onlooker off into a dual parallel world […]

Croft House Theatre Company’s Sunset Boulevard – 19 March 2024, lyceum Theatre Review by Claire Taranaski. I could easily make my review three words long “elegant musical perfection” and happily end it there, but if you have clicked through to read a review you want more than that. As a regular musical theatre attender I […]

Butter Side Up Theatre Company’s The King In Yellow – 8 March 2024, Theatre Deli Sheffield Review by Peter Taranaski. The Sheffield-based group return to the Theatre Deli and aim for the deep, deep stars with their latest play, “The King In Yellow”. “The King in Yellow” is a play adapted from a collection of […]

Sheffield University Theatre Company’s Why We Stay – 6 March 2024, Sheffield University Drama Studio Review by Claire Taranaski. Written and directed by SUTCo’s very own Darcey Severne, Why We Stay is an epic three hour horror that more established playwrights may have avoided, but would have struggled to be cut down, making you want […]