Katherine Ryan “Work in Progress” – 12 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I have a confession to make, when Katherine Ryan first appeared on UK television screens I found her irritating (even once describing her voice as reminding me of nails on a blackboard) but as I have seen more and more of her I have grown to love her to such a point that her show “Work in Progress” was the first show I booked at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Katherine’s show at The Stand Comedy Club is an opportunity to hear her brand new material performed in her hilarious razor sharp style. With only two days left of her run, she did not need to explain to the audience that the title of her show meant it was a work in progress as, if we didn’t know and she didn’t look in her notebook at the end, you wouldn’t be able to tell as we got an insight into her world as she seamlessly and very wittingly jumped from her recent break-up (he was an idiot for breaking up with her), to her sweet sounding daughter, via religion, pop culture references and making fun of “Vogue” dating tips (backwards diamond necklaces anyone) in a show that went by far to quickly.

I for one hope Katherine never completely turns into Joan Rivers (if you’ve seen the ending of the show you’ll know what this relates to) and she also proved that when it comes to considering turning Jewish for an ex she is no Charlotte from SATC either, as she performed a brilliant 50 minutes of comedy that should be watched by all woman who have ever been in relationships, men who have dumped them and mothers everywhere.

Katherine’s very limited run at this years’ Edinburgh Fringe ends tomorrow, Saturday 13 August. Tickets are more than likely to be fully sold out but to see if any are available, priced at £12 (£11 for concessions) visit the box office in person, telephone 0131 226 0000 or visit edfringe.com

Missed out! You can also see Katherine at this years’ Hobgoblin Cheltenham Comedy Festival on Saturday 24 September and the Hobgoblin Leamington Spa Comedy Festival on Saturday 15 October.

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