Benjamin Kelm’s Far From Home Close To Love – 15 May 2024, Theatre Deli Sheffield Review by Claire Taranaski. I was lucky enough to recently be Benjamin Kelm’s first English language interview and even more lucky to be in the audience for his show last night, which transported the audience to his two years in […]

Message in a Bottle Monologues: Seven Deadly Sins – 22 February 2024, Theatre Deli, Sheffield  Review by Jacob Bush.  Message in a Bottle Monologues, an evening that is becoming a regular on the Sheffield theatre scene, returns to the Theatre Deli. As ever, this is a lovely showcase of talented local actors and writers. This […]

Jingle Belles and Mistle-hoes – 15 December 2023, Theatre Deli, Sheffield Review by Claire Taranaski. As an audience member last night I felt like I was at an exclusive club that I probably shouldn’t have got into but never wanted to leave and was unable to take my eyes off the performers on stage, during […]

Message in a Bottle Monologues – 9 September 2022, DINA, Sheffield Review by Jacob Bush. “After a sold-out show in the summer, Message in a Bottle Monologues returns to DINA with another eight monologues to show to a sold-out audience. The concept: eight writers have sent off a monologue and eight actors have received one […]