Benjamin Kelm’s Far From Home Close To Love – 15 May 2024, Theatre Deli Sheffield Review by Claire Taranaski. I was lucky enough to recently be Benjamin Kelm’s first English language interview and even more lucky to be in the audience for his show last night, which transported the audience to his two years in […]

Alice Connolly Presents Drawing From Life – 30 March 2024, Theatre Deli Sheffield Review by Artisan Friendly. Devised by real life life model Alice Connolly, Drawing from Life is an extraordinary performance experience. It combines real time life drawing and audience participation with prerecorded internal dialogues whisking the onlooker off into a dual parallel world […]

Jingle Belles and Mistle-hoes – 15 December 2023, Theatre Deli, Sheffield Review by Claire Taranaski. As an audience member last night I felt like I was at an exclusive club that I probably shouldn’t have got into but never wanted to leave and was unable to take my eyes off the performers on stage, during […]

Karma Leon’s Kabaret’s Mischief – 1 April 2022, Picture House Social Review by Artisan Friendly. For a raucous and riotous night of vivacious and varied entertainment there’s got to be no place better to go in town than Karma Leon Kabaret’s ‘Mischief’. Featuring performers from a number of disciplines (burlesque, magic, drag, song, stand-up), there […]

Top five shows to see at Enable Us Festival – 25 March to 6 April 2019 Running this Spring from 25 March to 6 April, The University of Sheffield’s twice year Enable Us Festival offers two weeks of professional productions ranging from drama, circus and satire to music and physical theatre, exploring everything from love, […]