Talking to Strangers – 16 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival “Smack the Pony”, the late 90s Channel 4 sketch show is one of my two favourite sketch shows of all time (the other one I will be seeing live later this year) so I couldn’t miss the chance to see one of it’s hilariously brilliant […]

Lucy Porter “Consequences” – 15 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival Lucy Porter and I both have something in common, which is that we’ve both believed that we’re intolerant to gold even though others claim we can’t be. This, the fact she is hilariously funny, shares the height difference issues me and my boyfriend have but […]

Eurobeat – 15 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival Since getting together with my boyfriend shortly after the 2013 contest, I have gone from someone who only watches the Eurovision Song Contest for a few minutes when accidentially channel hopping to someone who tolerates it to someone who will join in the scoring at Eurovision parties […]

Captivate Theatre “Sunshine on Leith” – 13 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival The film adaption of the musical Sunshine on Leith is one of my favourite ever films, leading me to see The Proclaimers live in concert last year (whose songs the musical is based on) and making it a necessity for me to see […]

Katherine Ryan “Work in Progress” – 12 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival I have a confession to make, when Katherine Ryan first appeared on UK television screens I found her irritating (even once describing her voice as reminding me of nails on a blackboard) but as I have seen more and more of her I […]