The Festival of the Spoken Nerd – 21 March 2015, Sci-Fi Weekender, Wales

On the final night of losing my Sci-Fi Weekender virginity in Wales, I also discovered yesterday that I do in fact fall on the nerd scale, even if its only at the lowest level of watching “The Big Bang Theory”.

I made this discovery thanks to one of the event’s highlights and Edinburgh Fringe Festival regulars (though feel bad for not seeing them during my last six annual visits) “The Festival of Spoken Nerd”.

Without giving too much away, TFOSN combine songs, experiments and data with laugh out loud comedy in a setting that nerds of all levels will find both appealing and comforting, with the added protection of being encouraged to leave their mobiles on, wifi connected and even encouraged to “paper tweet” if they can’t get a signal.

Men in the audience will also learn how to be annoying when their partner goes into labour and everyone will be distracted by the idea of Stephen Fry maybe one day demonstrating your accidental experiment on “QI” and discover why the Sun wants more attention.

Aimed at the inner nerd in everyone (or geek if that is your preferred description), I advise anyone who loves comedy, maths and science to check TFOSN, remembering to decide your favorite element and most nerd like action before you go.

Further information on TFOSN can be found at, including tour dates and details of the release of their first DVD (nerds everywhere will understand why they have chosen May 4th as its release date).

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