Gav & Kyle’s Amazing Week – 12 October 2015

This week has been a week of podcast firsts, Sheffield mates Gav and Kyle have produced their first podcast, I’ve been asked to write my first review of a podcast (by them), leading to me listening to my first ever podcast (by them) and writing this, my first ever review of a podcast (of them).

That probably doesn’t make me the best comedy podcast reviewer, but as a comedy reviewer it’s also the first thing I’ve ever been asked to review so I wasn’t going to say no (rather than reviewing shows off my own back(, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Radio DJ Gav and improvised comedian Kyle immediately come across, during the 31 minute podcast, as great mates who have a great laugh (and are more than happy to be overheard and entertain those around them), who whilst talented at self-depreciation also want to entertain their audiences, and as they both declared themselves as single, hopefully meet girls (but not from Manchester who have boyfriends) along the way.

Supported by a $5 jingo (apparently there’s a website where you can get people to do anything for that sum), highlights of the episode include Kyle pre-stage urination requirements, why Gav is single, making fun of Tinder profiles (made me glad I’m in a relationship with the man I moved to Sheffield for), and a story from Kyle’s amazing week (hinted at in the paragraph above) that will make any singleton check if the person they have just pulled has a girlfriend/boyfriend (delete as applicable).

If like Gav and Kyle you have nothing to do on a Thursday evening (or for 31 minutes at any point during the week) I highly recommend you check out their genuinely funny podcast at (even if just to see how amazing their week has been compared with yours).

Still not sold on it, well to celebrate National Poetry Day last Thursday, they will also be attempting to out do each other each week to produce the best worse poetry ever (something to keep poetry, non-poetry and comedy fans entertained everywhere).

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