Woodseats Musical Theatre Company’s Legally Blonde The Musical – 12 July 2023, Montgomery Theatre

Review by Claire Taranaski.

Woodseats Musical Theatre Company has a reputation for feel good musical theatre productions and their latest, perfectly timed for the Barbie movie and the third Legally Blonde movie both due out this year, maybe there best one yet with a flawless production, from the acting and singing to choreography and comedic timing from the entire cast and ensemble that would make Wood, E’s everywhere proud.

We cannot fault any performances, so if you aren’t mentioned don’t be offended as you were all great, but of course have to mention Ellie Needham in the lead as Elle Woods, who had incredible stage presence and chemistry with all the cast, whose performance combined her inner Elle Wood and Margot Robbie’s forthcoming Barbie and who gave a West End worthy vocal performance in “Take It Like A Man” and “Legally Blonde”, both alongside Adam Walker as Emmett Forrest. On the subject of Adam Walker, he continues to prove he is superb at whatever musical male lead is thrown at him, and this is no exception, as always showcasing great stage presence, chemistry and top-notch musical theatre talent.

Other cast members who deserve a special mention include Thomas Hay-Owens as the often overlooked Professor Callaghan, who acted with authority and masculine sleaze and was superb in the jazz number “Blood In The Water”, Matt Timms as delivery guy Kyle O’ Boyle who had perfected the walk (if you know the film / musical you will know what we mean) and of course the two perfectly well behaved canine cast members Nacho as Bruiser and Bailey as Rufus.

I’m going to group together my mentions of Lowri Anderson, Sarah Jenkinson-Ward and Lilli Connelly as Elle’s fellow sorority girls and best friends and the rest of the Delta Nu’s and Greek Chorus. Your friendship and support for Elle shone through and we wish you were amongst our friends, and we had our very own Greek Chorus following us around. You are responsible for opening number “Omigod You Guys” remaining our musical ear worm and were at your absolute positive best in “Positive”.

Sue Curr, making her debut with the company, is responsible for directing this excellent production, bringing the very best out of the cast, creating superb comic timing and bringing this great show to the Montgomery stage (before it closes for a refurb). Choreographers Amber Parry and Lilly Abram were responsible for professional but uplifting routines throughout including skipping in “Whipped Into Shape” and the homage to the Elle’s signature move “Bend and Snap”; and musical director Dominic Ridler who brought the musical numbers to life from the upbeat to the moving via the superb Gilbert & Sullivan operatic style “Gay Or European”.

Legally Blonde The Musical is at the Montgomery Theatre until Saturday 15th July and should not be missed by fans of the musical, the film or are looking for the prefect girls’ night out.

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