STOS Theatre Company’s Sunshine On Leith – 15 November 2022, Lyceum Theatre Review by Claire Taranaski. I’m starting this review with a confession, I’m a huge fan of The Proclaimers, the film version of Sunshine On Leith and Edinburgh (where I have previously seen the musical performed) so I came to the opening night with […]

Captivate Theatre “Sunshine on Leith” – 13 August 2016, Edinburgh Fringe Festival The film adaption of the musical Sunshine on Leith is one of my favourite ever films, leading me to see The Proclaimers live in concert last year (whose songs the musical is based on) and making it a necessity for me to see […]

The Proclaimers – 25 October 2015, York Barbican I would walk 500 miles to see The Proclaimers but luckily didn’t have to as after missing them perform in Sheffield had the pleasure of being in the audience for this musically talented pair of identical Leith born twins, Charlie and Craig Reid at York Barbican yesterday […]