Ecclesall Theatre Company’s Dial M For Murder – 8 November 2022, Ecclesall Parish Hall

Review by Diana.

It is the first time I have seen The Ecclesall Theatre Company perform, I was looking forward to seeing their performance of Dial M for Murder; an intriguing plot from the book by Frederick Knott and made famous by the wonderful Hitchcock film starring Grace Kelly, Ray Milland and Anthony Dawson as the main protagonists.

The performance was good, how Adam Diskin who played Tony Wendice managed to keep going was incredible, he was on stage for most of the scenes. Although a murder play it was funny in parts with the cast being able to bring out some added humour with prop problems and lights not quite working as they should! I’m not sure where the brandy came from, but it was a colour I have never seen before!

After lockdown it is so nice to get back out into the world and see actors performing each night, it is clear they work so hard in developing their craft. The chemistry between them is excellent I noted particularly the scenes between Captain Lesgate/Swann and Wendice plotting the murder of Wendice’s wife Margot.

The actors Paul Voodini and Adam Diskin seem to bounce off one another. The plot is complex, and that is what Knott was known for, the Ecclesall Theatre Company managed to pull this play off well. If you are not sure of the story, they made it easy to follow. It’s clearly a popular company as nearly all the seats were taken with just a few empty ones at the back.

I would highly recommend people to go out and enjoy local theatre again and to catch this production if they can!

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